MacAny good dog boarding company should be built on a passion for dogs, and that is exactly why Mandy and Mac MacGregor decided that this was the business for them. Executive Dogs has now been open for seven years, and throughout that time has seen loads of different dogs come to stay, ranging from tiny Chihuahuas all the way through to massive great Great Danes. Regardless of the shape, size or breed though, each and every dog loves its stay, and is treated like a member of the family throughout.

Before opening their dog boarding business, Mandy and Mac came from very different occupations. Mandy was a cabin service director for British Airways, who always dreamt of working with dogs, while Mac was a police officer and, before that, a dog handler with the Royal Marines. They have both owned dogs throughout their lives though, and this was actually the reason they opened their business, as Mandy really didn’t like leaving her dogs anywhere else when she went away.

A Beautiful Mill in Stunning Countryside

The location of Executive Dogs really couldn’t be better, as it backs on to Felton Common – an absolute paradise for dogs, with various bridleways and over 100 acres of area for them to explore. The fact that it’s situated in north Somerset also means that it’s perfectly located for those looking to drop off their canine companions before heading off to Bristol Airport. North Somerset Council have also checked the property, and given it their seal of approval together with a full license. We are also insured for your dog, our vet is Golden Valley, where we would take any dog if needed.

You won’t be able to miss the property when looking for it, as it is a beautiful 18th century mill, which has been lovingly renovated by the couple over the years. Security features have also been installed, for the safety of the dogs staying there, including a comprehensive CCTV system and fencing, which allows all the dogs a free rein of the property inside and out.The Round House

It should be noted that Mandy and Mac have strict guidelines over the types of dogs that they’ll accept, as any dog must be able to get on with others. While this means that some dogs miss out, it ensures that the experience is as good as possible for the dogs that do come to stay.

Never Miss Your Dog Again

Mandy knows how hard it is to be away from your dog, and this is why she has introduced a fantastic free service for all owners. Simply by downloading WhatsApp onto their phone, owners can receive videos and photos of their dog, wherever they are in the world. These will show that your dog is often having a better time than you, as they take their own little holiday! It’s these little things that prove that Executive Dogs is a cut above the rest when it comes to dog boarding.